HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Severna Park

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I went here regularly until the person that cut my hair left. After that I had a bad/uneven haircut and went somewhere else to have it evened out and ended up paying for an additional cut. I have tried twice since to go back. Once was done well and I was pleased, the most recent one was 2 days ago and it didn't look bad when it was still wet, but when it dried it was uneven and some areas on the side were not cut the same as others resulting in a very patchy look. I would have sent this feedback directly to the store, but apparently I can't submit it that way without a copy of my receipt (which I don't have). If it were a straight up clipper cut, I might go back, but I will be paying someone else to fix another scissor cut they didn't do well, so I personally don't plan on going back.

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